Newspaper, periodical and magazine content- NEXIS trial

We have trial access to NEXIS which is an alternative product to Factiva.  Factiva provides our newspapers, trade and practitioner journals in all subject areas and both services provide the following:

• Market information
• Industry information
• Company information
• Material in other languages
• Research data

Access to the trial is via a trial ID please contact Catherine Ure if you would like a trial ID. The trial will expire Tuesday 19 May. Factiva is available from the A_Z list of databases

I am looking for feedback on how you think the 2 services compare, and which would be your preference.

Surviving the exams…

We know this is a hectic time of year for all of our students.

To help you out we’ve summarised some of the facilities and information available on the Edinburgh campus to try and make the next few weeks a bit easier for you.

Study Spaces (Edinburgh campus)

The Edinburgh campus library is remains open 24/7 until the 22nd May.

The James Watt Centre will be used for exams from 24th April – but there are lots of other study spaces available in the library and across the campus.

See for details.

The Other Spaces tab gives details of rooms that you can use across the campus from 25th April – 22nd May 2015.

Study environment

The Edinburgh campus library has gone into revision/exam mode – to create an environment where you can get your head down and make the most of your revision time. Check out the zoning at the library at Making the Most of the Space.

Revision and exam tips

You’ll find lots of tips in our Revision tips, Exam tips and Exam survival tips posts.

Exam stress drop-in sessions

Running from 27th April until 22nd May at Student Support and Accommodation, Hugh Nisbet Building on the Edinburgh campus. More info at drop-in sessions.


Remember that you can ask our Service Desk staff in the library or your Subject Librarian for help at any time.

Good luck with your exams!



Exam stress drop-in (Edinburgh campus)

There will be a drop-in service available every day throughout the exams.

  • When:  Monday 27th April – Friday 22nd May
  • Where: Student Support and Accommodation, Hugh Nisbet Building
  • No appointments needed!

Anyone who is having a last minute panic, or is feeling worried and anxious can come along to get same day support.

Just call in to the Student Support and Accommodation office in Hugh Nisbet building, or contact for further information.

In addition, you might find the following information useful:


Exams getting close?

Keep up the good work, and remember ….

  1. Continue to summarise your notes. Try to get the ‘final-points-I-must-remember’ down to one A4 sheet (or its equivalent in small cards). After all, by now, you know the rest of the material; you don’t need it written down in your summary sheets.
  2. Continue to work with your ‘study-buddy’. Consider revising a different topic each. Once you’ve completed your revision of your topic, teach it to your study-buddy. Ask them to do the same for you.
  3. Use past exam papers and the more challenging questions from your tutorial sheets to drive your revision. Text books can often offer worked examples that you might use too.
  4. Once you’ve answered a descriptive question (e.g. essay question), ask yourself, ‘How else might my lecturer have worded a question on this topic? Or ask, ‘In what other ways (in an exam setting) might my lecturer test my knowledge of this topic?’ Write an exam-style question from that perspective. Work with your study-buddy to answer that question.
  5. Once you’ve answered a numerical question that uses a formula, ask yourself, ‘If the equation were rearranged, what might the subject of the equation be and what information might I be given? How might such a question be worded?’ Perhaps ask, ‘In what other ways (in an exam setting) might my lecturer test my knowledge of this topic?’ Write an exam-style question from that perspective. Work with your study-buddy to answer that question.
  6. Plan your exam days: make sure you know where and when your exams are.
  7. For each course, make an Exam Time Management Plan:
    • how long is the exam;
    • at the start of the exam, how long do you want to read over the paper (10 minutes, say);
    • towards the end of the exam time, how long do you want to review your work (10 – 15 minutes, say);
    • how many questions do you need to answer;
    • are all questions equally weighted;
    • so how much time is available to answer each question
    • Hint: in your final revision, try answering exam-type questions in that time.
  8. Maintain a balance of work, rest and play.
  9. Continue to eat healthily: aim for a healthy mind in a healthy body.
  10. Maintain a good sleep routine.

Off-campus access to British Standards Online (BSOL)

We have an ongoing issue with off-campus access to British Standards Online (BSOL), which we are trying to resolve.

In the meantime, we have come up with a work around, which ensures that you can still get off-campus access to this resource.  Please follow the instructions below:

If you are having any problems with this, please get in touch with

Edinburgh Campus Library – Making the Most of the Space

making the most of the space poster

For other study spaces on campus see and click on the ‘Other spaces’ tab.

Edinburgh Campus – PC availability checker

Slide2 (2)

Edinburgh Campus Library – Easter Opening Hours

24 hour opening_crop

During the Semester 2 break, the Library remains open 24/7.  For staffed service times, please see

In addition to the Library, the University has opened up many of the teaching rooms for study.  For full details see and click on the ‘Other spaces’ tab.


Essential maintenance work on dawsonera – Sunday 19 April 2015

dawsoneradawsonera plan to carry out essential maintenance work on Sunday 19 April 2015 between 14:30-15:30 BST.

During this time, the eBook platform will be offline and therefore you should ensure you have downloaded and opened any eBooks you need access to before this outage occurs.

It will not be possible to read titles which have been downloaded but not opened before the outage period.

From 15:30 on Sunday 19 April 2015, all systems will resume as normal.


Known problem with DISCOVERY

** This problem has now been resolved **

There is a current problem with DISCOVERY where search results are being returned very slowly.  We have reported this to Ebsco (the resource provider) and have been told the issue is occurring across Europe and they are therefore looking into this as a critical priority.

We will update you when access has been restored.


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