WattJournals has arrived!

WattJournals launched – New search tool helps students and researchers keep up to date

WattJournals (http://www.hw.ac.uk/library/wattjournals.php) is a new service developed by the University Library and ICBL to give fast and easy access to the contents of over 4000 electronic journals to which the Library subscribes.  WattJournals is an easy-to-use tool with 4 key purposes: finding papers as soon as they have been published, accessing the full-text of papers, saving searches for later use, and exporting citations to EndNote.

WattJournals is designed specifically for Heriot-Watt, as it only searches journals to which the Library subscribes, so you can be guaranteed that any article which you find will be available to you. Once you have searched WattJournals for your topic, you are then linked from the search results to the full text of the articles you find.

WattJournals is now at the final testing stage, with the final version due to be launched in July 2010.  We’d like to ask students and researchers for their feedback via an online survey over the coming days.  Complete our survey and you could win a £25 Amazon voucher!

Please note that WattJournals is not intended to replace the 100+ databases to which the Library subscribes, and which allow you to search a much wider range of journals.  Nor does it cover all the journals to which the Library subscribes – only those which provide an RSS feed of their Tables of Contents.

Gill McDonald, Acting University Librarian, said “This new service will be particularly useful to students and researchers who want to get some up-to-date articles and research papers quickly and easily.  We know that some students find the whole process of navigating several databases and e-journal sites quite confusing at first, and to do a search and then find that the Library doesn’t have a subscription to the journal you’ve found is really frustrating.  WattJournals can be a gentle introduction to searching, with the added benefit that all the articles found will be available – no more dead ends!  I’m delighted that the Library and ICBL have been able to work together to develop WattJournals for the benefit of all Heriot-Watt staff and students.”

WattJournals was created by ICBL and partially funded by Heriot-Watt University Library and the JournalTOCs Project. ICBL is committed to building better tools to help researchers to find the shortest distance from their initial search queries to the full access to learning and teaching resources.

If you are interested in viewing additional information on WattJournals, please contact the University Library Enquiry Desk or email to libhelp@hw.ac.uk. For additional assistance and support using WattJournals you also can contact the ICBL Team at S.Chumbe@hw.ac.uk. Further information on the JournalTOCs Project can be found at http://www.journaltocs.hw.ac.uk/blog and http://www.journaltocs.hw.ac.uk.

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