Trick or treat…5 Word tips…

Everyone can use Word – right?

But Word is a huge application – with lots of powerful features – and quite a few shortcuts that can help make all of our lives easier when using it.

How about:

Move sections in the Navigation Pane

navigationThis one works as long as you have used Heading Styles to format your document (see Using Styles in Word)

  1. Display the Navigation Pane (View, Navigation Pane)
  2. Drag the headings to where you want them

Other options are available when in the Navigation Pane – right click on a heading to see them

  • If headings are numbered, the numbering adjusts automatically

Move table rows up and down

Cut and paste would work fine – but try this next time you have rows to move – it’s really quick…

  1. Select the row(s) you want to move
  2. Move up: [Alt]-[Shift]–[UpArrow]
  3. Move down: [Alt]-[Shift]–[DownArrow]

Save All open documents

If, like me, you are often working on several documents at once, it can be handy to give one command to get Word to save them all (rather than have to save them individually)

If this appeals to you, add the Save All button saveall to the Quick Access Toolbar – then just click it when you want to save all open documents

  1. Open the Word Options dialog box (File, Options)
  2. Click Quick Access Toolbar
  3. Select Commands Not In The Ribbon from the Choose Commands From drop-down list
  4. Scroll down and select Save All
  5. Click the Add button and then click OK

Keyboard shortcuts for applying Heading styles

  • Heading 1: [Ctrl]-[Alt]-1
  • Heading 2: [Ctrl]-[Alt]-2
  • Heading 3: [Ctrl]-[Alt]-3

Insert Screen clips in Word

ScreenclipScreen clips will be inserted at the insertion point in your document.

If you want a complete Window

  1. On the Insert tab click Screenshot
  2. Click the Window required in the Available Windows list

If you want part of a Window

  1. Select the Window you want to create a screen clipping from
  2. Go back to your Word document and position the insertion point where you want the clipping to appear
  3. Click Screenshot and then click Screen Clipping
  • The Window you selected at 1 above will be displayed
  1. Drag around the area required



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