Making the Most of the Space

‘Making the Most of the Space’ is an initiative in the Edinburgh campus Library to use the learning space effectively during exam and revision time.

The rationale for monitoring the space:
1. Requests by students for more study spaces especially quiet study spaces
2. Revision and exam time means high demand for study spaces
3. Complaints by students that study desks, and individual study rooms, are ‘reserved’ by other students leaving belongings unattended.
4. Security issues due to unattended items
5. Noise levels rising meaning difficult working environment for staff and students

Zones and noise levels
Noise levels for the revision and exam period December 2014.

Ground floor – red zone – silent study
1st floor – orange zone – talk softly –  work related discussions – low level noise – including cafe
2nd floor – red zone  – silent study
3rd floor – orange  zone –talk very softly – work related discussions – low level noise
Stairs –  orange zone – talk softly

These guidelines will apply for December until the exams are over.

Monitoring Study tables and unattended items.
Due to the high demand for study tables in the library it is not possible to reserve a space by leaving belongings but not occupying or using it.  If students do this then the study table is not available for other students to use.  Unattended items are also a security risk.

A regular monitoring process will be carried out to identify unattended items and if they are left for more than 20 minutes a yellow reminder will be placed on the table.  If after a further hour the items are still unattended, a red slip will be placed on the table and the unattended items may be taken to the library desk for safekeeping and collection.

Food and drink – drinks with lids are allowed everywhere in the library – food is only allowed in the cafe area


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