New Year Resolutions – 3 we can help you keep

OK – you’ve escaped the clutches of your nearest and dearest (family) and are back to the freedoms of student life – welcome back.

First semester is over – and on reflection – on the academic side of things – you’re feeling somewhere on the scale of –


about getting started again.

If you’re feeling a bit further to the left than the right we might be able to help you with some strategies to improve how things go in Semester 2 – so do something about it now – before it’s too late.

You could add the resolutions below to the top of your list of New Year resolutions – and let us help you stick with them.

1.     Stop procrastinating

wastetimeWe all do it (if you don’t – how do you manage…??) – you know you should be doing something but you manage to put it off.

What are your procrastination habits? It might be catching up with friends on Facebook, checking out YouTube, admiring the view from your library, people watching, going for another cuppa with another friend…

Whatever it is – stop it! You’ll get so much more done – in half the time – leaving time for the rest once you’ve got some work done.

And just when this resolution is starting to flag – we can help you get going again at our How to Stop Putting Things Off & Feel Motivated Power Hour – on Friday 6th February or Thursday 26th February.

2.     Be more organized


Make sure you have your course timetables – and the reading lists. Do the set reading before (not after) the lecture, write up clear notes after each lecture, organise and label class notes, and create and stick to a revision schedule – before the next lot of exams start.

Get some Time Management tips at the Time Management Power Hour (28th January and 5th March) and if you like to use visuals to organise yourself try out some Mind Mapping software – come along to Mindmap with MindGenius on 12 February or 12 March.

3.     Go to your lectures and tutorials

sleepyYes – even the early ones….

If you struggle with the note-taking and making sense of your scribbles get some tips at Making the Most of Your Lectures on 20th January.

You’ll find details of all the sessions mentioned above in the Study & Lifestyle tips section of the Power Hour programme.

Full details of all the Power Hours running in Semester 2 can be found at on our web pages – see Power Hours


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