No ticket…no problem…report IT through the Helpdesk

It’s important that IT issues raised with the Information Services Helpdesk are recorded properly. You can play your part in this by reporting your issues through the correct channels.


When reporting a new issue you should report it to the Helpdesk by email, phone or online via the portal rather than making direct contact with individual members of staff.  Should you contact one of our specialist staff with a new issue they may ask you to report it through the Helpdesk as this is the quickest way to get it recorded into our system.

When emailing or using the portal you should give your issue a suitable subject e.g.

  • Laptop won’t connect to the wifi
  • Images not displaying on webpage
  • Request for NVivo software
  • Email folders in my cabinet not displaying
  • VPN from home – can’t see my H drive

Rather than something like “My computer isn’t working…

You should also try to describe the problem as fully and clearly as possible. In particular, you should provide the following information: –

  1. Your HWU PC or laptop number – you will find this under About My PC on your desktop e.g. HWPC****
  2. A clear description of the problem. Please give as much information as possible e.g.
    • What are you trying to do?
    • What software are you using?
    • What error message is being displayed (if any) or what is happening that you would not expect to happen?
    • What have you tried to do to resolve the problem (if anything)?
    • Is the problem affecting just you, or are others in your area having a similar problem?
  3. If you are not contacting us from your email address, you should also provide the following details
    • School/Department or Section
    • Contact extension or phone number
    • An alternate email address (where there is an email problem)

We will deal with your enquiry as soon as possible and it won’t get ignored or missed because a member of staff is on holiday, out of the office or off sick.

Edinburgh campus contact details: –

 email  online  phone

0131 451 4045

Contact details for Helpdesks on other campuses are available at Contact us.

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