Lapsafe lockers – for charging laptops, tablets and phones.

We have had 24 lapsafe lockers installed in the library.  These are available for students to use in order to charge devices.

The lockers are easy to use. To start charging your laptop/tablet/phone: –

  1. Find an unlocked locker (green light flashing) and open itlapsafe2
  2. Plug in your device (laptop/tablet/phone)
  3. Close locker
  4. Enter a 4 digit code of your choice plus the tick (√)

The locker is now locked and your device is being charged.

To unlock your locker

  1. Enter your 4 digit code plus the tick (√)
  2. Turn lock to open locker
  3. Remove device

Leave the locker open for next user.

Please note: –

  • It is important that you remember your 4 digit code in order to retrieve your device
  • Lockers are used and devices are left at the owner’s risk and are not the responsibility of Information Services or the University
  • Lockers may be opened and checked by Information Services staff if deemed necessary for safety reasons


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  1. Menos mal que he dado con esta informacion. Gracias!

  2. Angela

     /  28 September 2016

    Good post.

  3. Great to know this. Nowadays, many schools and library offer lockers to their students. This is really very beneficial to students as they can use lockers to put their personal stuff inside them and keep themselves organized.


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