Is the Edinburgh campus library haunted? Read on to find out…

As Halloween draws near tales of ghosts, poltergeists and witches are narrated to hushed and attentive groups, and sightings of “unexplained” activities are reported.  But did you know that the Edinburgh campus has it’s own sad and ghostly tale to tell?

The following was taken from one of our old museum display panels.

“This tale is associated with a bedroom in the 17th century extension of Riccarton House.

According to legend, Thomas Craig, the “improving laird” Riccarton of the late 18th century, had the room beautifully decorated in preparation for the arrival of his new bride. But on the eve of the wedding he learned that his fiancée had eloped with another man.

Poor Thomas never married and kept the room shut up for the rest of his life.

Over time, the room gained the reputation of being haunted – by the melancholy spirit of the jilted bridegroom – or his faithless bride.

Visitors and residents alike claimed that the room had a distinctly chilling atmosphere.

Even today, around the University library, which was built on the site of the old house, there are stories of unexplained phenomena and glimpses of a grey lady.

Perhaps Riccarton’s past residents still have an influence on the estate…and our imaginations.”

If you are on campus this Halloween, and in particular, if you are in or around the library, pay attention to those passing you on the stair or reading by the window –  you might just catch a glimpse of our own grey lady…


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