Keep it safe! Back it up…

With deadlines upon us, take time to make sure that your important files – reports, presentations, essays, draft thesis etc are backed up and securely stored.

All storage devices are vulnerable to some extent

  • hard drives may fail
  • cloud storage may not be accessible if your Internet access fails
  • removable devices e.g. pen drives can get lost
  • laptops can be stolen

It’s therefore very important to have a copy (or two) of important files on more than one storage device/in more than one location.

So when you finish working on an important file, remember to put a copy of it on a different storage device (and not just in a different folder on the same device).

You could use some of the following.

HWU student desktop

H: drive (Home)

  • All UG and TPG students have a personal storage area on secure university servers – your H: drive.
  • The standard H: drive quota is 2 GB (additional storage – up to 10 GB – available on request).

filesOff campus access to your H: drive

You can access the files on your H drive from off campus via the VPN (virtual private network).

To access your H: drive from off campus: –

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your HW username and password
  3. Click on the Student Filestore link

A basic web view of your files will be displayed. You can open, modify, move or delete files as necessary

H: drive previous versions

If you accidentally delete a file from the H: drive you may be able to recover an earlier version of the file using Restore Previous Versions.

  1. Go into Windows Explorer
  2. Right click on the folder/file you want to restore
  3. Click Restore Previous Versions

C: drive

  • Do not save anything to this drive. Data on the C: drive will be deleted.


All HWU students have access to OneDrive through Office 365. Your OneDrive gives you 1 TB of storage space in the cloud.

You can access OneDrive from the Office 365 Web App – click the button in the top left of the Office 365 window and you will see it displayed in the aps pane.

Personal devices, Pen drives, external hard drives etc

If you are storing your work on your personal devices and drives remember to keep them safe.

Don’t lose them or forget them….

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