RefMe to start charging – switch to EndNote for free instead

If you use RefMe, you might have seen that it has recently been acquired by another company, and will become part of their product Cite This For Me from 28 February 2017. After this date, creating an account and saving projects will become paid features.

If you already have a free account with RefMe, you will need to upgrade your account from 1 June 2017.

For more information, please see the RefMe website

If you are currently using RefMe, you can easily export your references to EndNote.

Information Services have always recommended that you use EndNote Online, a tool similar to RefMe that has a range of extra features. As well as storing references, you can use the Cite While You Write plug-in for Microsoft Word to insert citations and references directly into your work.

As a Heriot-Watt student or staff member, EndNote Online is free for you to access. Your account will be active with all the features for one year after you graduate, before reverting to a basic account.*

For training and guidance with EndNote, we have guides on the IS website and also run regular Power Hours. The materials from the Power Hours are available on Vision under the ‘My Organisations’ section. You can also contact your library for help.

To export your references from RefMe into EndNote, you need to follow these steps:

In RefMe:

  1. Display the project you want to be moved to EndNote and select ‘Export’
  2. Select the ‘EndNote’ option. The file should be downloaded to your ‘Downloads’ folder automatically

In EndNote Online

  1. Go to ‘Collect’ – ‘Import References’
  2. Click ‘Choose File’ and locate the file you just downloaded from RefMe. Click ‘Open’
  3. Under ‘Import Option’ select ‘RefMan RIS’
  4. Choose whether you want to save to a group or ‘unfiled’ and click ‘Import’

All your references from your RefMe project should now be in your EndNote Online Library.

*One year after you last log in through the Information Services web pages, your account will change from a Premium to a Basic account. For more information on the differences between the accounts, see here.

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