HWU Staff desktop: EndNote upgrade to version X8.0.1

ENX8_Logo-RoundThe version of EndNote on the HWU Staff desktop will be upgraded from Version X7.7.1 to Version X8.0.1 on the 16th December 2017.

The upgrade will allow staff to benefit from new features offered on the more recent version of software and standardise on the same version as is on the Student desktop. Some staff have already opted to upgrade – so this upgrade will only affect staff who have not yet upgraded.

Automatic upgrade of EndNote X7.7.1

EndNote X7.7.1 will be uninstalled from all staff desktops on the 16th December 2017.

EndNote X8.0.1 will then be installed automatically (provided EndNote X7.7.1 un-installed successfully).

Install EndNote 8.0.1

Members of staff with no previous version of EndNote installed can install the software at any time.

  1. Go to the Software Centre (type Software Centre into the Search field at the bottom of the Start menu)
  2. Locate and select EndNote X8.0.1
  3. Click Install

First time use

When you first launch EndNote X8.0.1 you will be prompted to accept the license agreement.

Accept the license agreement

  • Select the I accept the license agreement checkbox and click Next

Welcome to EndNote window

Once you have accepted the license agreement the Welcome to EndNote window is displayed.

You can close the Welcome to EndNote window and start working in EndNote straight away, or you can explore the steps in the Welcome to EndNote window and set up your library for syncing and sharing.

The Welcome to EndNote window can be displayed at any time – it’s in the Help menu.

Welcome to EndNote

The Welcome to EndNote window will be displayed once you have accepted the license agreement when you use EndNote X8.0.1 for the first time.

The window provides prompts to help you get started syncing, sharing, learning and connecting with the EndNote community.

Sync to your online library

If you are an existing user, you will have an EndNote online account.  You can set up syncing with your online library from the Welcome to EndNote window


You can close the window and sync with your online library at any time,

  1. Open the Edit menu and choose EndNote Preferences
  2. Select Sync and enter the details for your online library

Share your library

You can set up your library to be shared with colleagues from the Welcome window (click the arrow to the right in the Welcome to EndNote window) to move on to the next step.

You must have your library synced (see above) before you can share.

You can also set up sharing at any time

  1. Open the File menu and choose Share
  2. Enter the email addresses of those you with to share with

See Library Sharing for more info

Learn more

The final step on the Welcome screen links through to the EndNote Guide. You can explore it at any time.

Learning to use EndNote

EndNote for Personal Use

Staff and students can purchase a personal copy of EndNote for home use – see Software for Personal Use for details.

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