Request to staff for Reading Lists for Semester 2

Information Services is working to support Responsive Blended Learning delivery through the online provision of books and journal articles that staff are using this academic year.
Your reading lists are vital to this process and we are now starting to prepare for semester two.   

We received a very high number of reading lists for semester one and anticipate the same for semester two. For this reason, it would be very helpful if you could please submit your course lists to us as soon as possible, via the email, so that we can start checking to see if items you recommend to students are available electronically.  

Unlike in recent years, please submit your reading list even if there are no changes to it. This is because eBook availability may have changed since we last checked. It’s also very helpful if you can clearly flag up which are your essential/core/key texts so that we can prioritise these  

Availability of eBooks differs from title to title. The library buys eBooks for two main aggregator platforms. The titles come in different user models and this can restrict the number of people who access them at any one time. They also usually come with restrictions (Digital Rights Management, or DRM) which restricts how much can be copied or downloaded by the student. The publishers set all of these restrictions on a title-by-title level. We also buy eBooks for some publishers’ platforms where available and these usually have no restrictions on how many students can use them at once and are DRM free. This is our preference where available.   

Please note that we will be looking for eBooks which we can make available to students through Discovery and unfortunately some publishers do not provide this option, including some of the main textbook providers. In this case the titles should be available in our library print collections and may also be available for students to purchase electronically themselves via an eTextbook provider like VitalSource or Kortext even if they aren’t available for us to provide electronically under a library model. 

 Journal articles and book chapters 

If you require digital copies of book chapters or journal articles, rather than a full book, this can be done through our Digital Copies Service, please see  

If you would like to know more about incorporating permalinks to book chapters and articles into your Vision course, please see 

Submitting reading lists to the library for courses taught at the Edinburgh, Orkney, and Scottish Borders campuses: 

Please email your reading lists to with the information below:

       ·         Title and code of the course 

·         Details of the items needed (as much information as possible is helpful, e.g., author, title, edition, ISBN, publisher, year) 

  • Number of expected students  
  • Which campus/campuses the course is taught at  

·        If an item is a key text – this is so we can prioritise availability of key texts  

Submitting reading lists to the library for books needed at Dubai or Malaysia Campuses 

If there are books that you need to be available for the Dubai and/or Malaysia campuses, please contact the libraries directly. They can be contacted at and respectively. If the book is for the Malaysia campus, please put “Malaysia campus reading list” in the subject  

Many thanks in advance for your help and please let me know if you have any questions at .  

Please could we have your reading lists as soon as possible, and by 11 December at the latest.  

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