Study space for exam revision – Edinburgh Campus

There is study space available across the Edinburgh Campus from Friday 30th November to Friday 14th November 2018. The Library will continue to be open 24/7 up until 8:30pm on Friday 14th December.  

Music & Revision

Exam Top Tip: Music & Revision.  You might think these two just don’t mix.  Music can distract.   But conversely it can also help you concentrate and focus – so it is well worth trying it out.  But keep your headphones on if you are studying in the library!  Not everyone will share your musical tastes […]

Study tips for successful revision: Study Buddies & Study Groups

It’s week 8 already – a good time to find a study buddy or join a study group and start early with exam preparation. If you haven’t found the right study group start your own.   Agree a regular time to meet and book one of our Group Study Rooms (Edinburgh campus) or check out the […]

Revision tip: Practice writing

Practice writing for the exam.  How long is your exam?  When was the last time you wrote by hand for that length of time?  So practice, practice, practice.  

Revision tip: Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of tap water and/or bottled water – still or sparkling. Avoid sugary drinks.    

Revision tip: Take regular breaks

Get some exercise – anything from a gym session or a group sport to a quiet stroll Edinburgh campus students could : work out at Oriam take part in a team sport with Heriot-Watt Sports Union Enjoy the Spring Herb Walk with Floramedica Or just take a stroll around the campus Other students, please check out your […]

Revision tip: Snack on “brain foods”

You might try: salmon or other oily fish, beans, whole grains, nuts, seeds, blueberries, bananas, dark chocolate Check out these videos for ideas.

Revision tip: Organize study groups with friends

You might like to organize some study sessions with friends. You could work: as a group answering questions together individually while sitting together and then compare your answers.  If your answers don’t agree ask your class mate to explain how they reached their answer. As a group, work out who has used the correct method and has reached […]

Revision tip: Explain your answers to anyone that will listen

Explain your answer to friends, brothers, sisters, parents and/or relations.  Pets count too!

Revision tip: Practice on past papers or sample questions

Find out where you can get past papers or sample questions for your course. Using past papers and sample questions will help you get used to the format of the paper.  Perhaps answer questions against the clock to get used to writing for an extended period and to get your timing right. Do you need more than […]

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