Summer 2018 Programme

food-salad-restaurant-person.jpgOver the summer period we will be offering the following sessions on demand:

  • Endnote Desktop
  • Citing and Referencing Harvard

If you would like to be added to the list, please e-mail with your name, school and session you would like to attend.  If there is enough interest we will contact you with the date and time of the session.

Exam Top Tip: Mix it up!

Successful revision tests your understanding of content. So try recording your answer to a test question and critically listen back.  Is your explanation clear and precise?  Look at a test question and write an essay plan to show how you would answer the question.  If you are a visual learner draw a mind map to show how you would tackle the question.  Mind maps can help you see correlations and identify missing bits of the jigsaw.  All of these methods will help you identify gaps in your knowledge and show you where you need to concentrate most.

Exam Top Tip: Don’t fall into the procrastination trap!

You could use a timetable to mark out revision times for each subject and then stick to it.  Another great way to stop procrastinating and get started is to use the Pomodoro technique: this is as simple as setting a timer.  For example, set your timer for 50 minutes.  This should be concentrated study time – no distractions.  At the end of 50 minutes you have earned yourself a 10 minute break – time for a quick walk or a cup of tea.  Then go for another 50 minutes of concentrated study.  Remember to make your goals for each day realistic, and reward yourself for achieving them. You’ve earnt it!

Opening hours – Easter/Semester 2 break #edincampuslib

We are currently in the Semester 2 break which lasts until 21st April and includes the Easter weekend.
easter semester break

Once the break is over, exams start from 24th April until 19th May which is the end of semester.

During this time the Edinburgh Campus library will remain open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Staff will be available to answer enquiries and provide help and support between 8:30am – 8:30pm Monday – Friday and 10:00am – 8:15pm at weekends.

The Learning Commons will be open Monday to Friday during the Semester break  apart from the Easter weekend (Friday 14th – Monday 17th April inclusive) when it will be unavailable for use due to building closure days.

If you require any more information, please check the Information Services webpages or contact us 

12 Apps of Christmas: Take a Break

Today’s app, Take a Break, is take-a-break-logodesigned to help you relax through short, guided meditation sessions. You can choose to listen to the music provided in the app or use your own.

To download, go to:

Android: Take a Break

iOS: Take a Break

12 Apps of Christmas: Scanning apps

Today marks the half way point for our 12 Apps of Christmas feature. We’re mentioning two apps today that can transform your mobile device into a portable scanner – Microsoft Office Lens and Tiny Scanner.

Microsoft Office Lenslens

This free app is great for taking pictures of documents even from awkward angles. It recognises the corners of documents and automatically crops, enhances and cleans up the image. It will save the scan as either an image or PDF file in OneNote or OneDrive. If you don’t use either of those, you can save the scan as an image on your phone to share later.

It’s available on Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices. To download, go to:

Android: Microsoft Office Lens

iOS: Microsoft Office Lens

Windows (mobile devices): Microsoft Office Lens

Tiny Scannertiny-scanner

This scanning app allows you to save documents as PDFs to a folder on your device. You can then share the document by email. It also lets you set a passcode to protect your documents if you want to. There is a paid version with more features, such as sharing straight to EverNote or other apps, also available.

It’s available on iOS and Android phones and tablets. To download, go to:

Android: Tiny Scanner

iOSTiny Scanner

Information Services Quiz Winner!

We were delighted to host a visit from the 3rd cohort of pre-sessional students in July. The visit was designed to help the students find out about the  library and IT resources and the services they will use in their studies.  This was followed by a quiz with one lucky winner chosen from the correct entries.  Congratulations Benjamin!


New! Vision Power Hour

A new Vision topic has just been added to the summer Power Hour programme.

Vision: Preparing a course for Semester 1 2016/17

This hands on session will focus on key tasks to prepare your Vision course for the start of the year.

After this session you will be able to:

  • Highlight course goals and objectives
  • Enhance content presentation
  • Update course content


  • Wednesday 31 August from  1000 – 1100
  • Friday 16 September from 1400 – 1500


Teaching room in the Edinburgh campus library.

Book your place

You can book your place on a workshop at

Places are limited to 10 delegates per session.

Summer Power Hour Programme

There are still a few spaces on some of the August Power Hours already advertised.

  • Introduction to Office 365
  • Introduction to OneDrive
  • EndNote
  • Discovery

Full details at Power Hours

Information Services Quiz Winner!

We were delighted to host a visit from the pre-sessional students to help them find out more information about the  library and IT resources and services they will use in their studies.  This was followed by a quiz with one lucky winner chosen from the correct entries.  Well done Christina!

quiz winner

New Library System – what’s happening?

New Library System – what’s happening?

The new Discovery library system is now ‘Live’

It is available to use at HWU Edinburgh, SBC, Malaysia and Orkney campuses from today 30th June

It will be available at HWU Dubai from Monday 18th July

The new version of Discovery

  • gives access to all HWU collections (across all campuses)
  • improves and replaces the current library catalogue and discovery system
  • enables fast and efficient searching and filtering of resources

What is happening when?

Thursday 30th June







Monday 18th July

‘Go Live’

The New Discovery interface is available for Edinburgh, SBC, Malaysia and Orkney campuses.

The library is using a new borrowing and returning system which will be fully integrated with Discovery.

You can access your library account through Discovery

‘Go Live’
The New Discovery interface will be available for Dubai campus



How do I get help if needed?
Ask at the Service Desk in your campus library or contact us by email or phone