What’s happening with the Library refurbishment #edincampuslib

The HWU Edinburgh Campus Library refurbished project is progressing well.
An overview of the project details can be found at how we are  ‘Transforming Your Library’  
We will keep you updated through these blog posts and through our social media channels.  There will be news of the exciting new developments and we will keep you updated as to which spaces and resources are available in the Library during the enabling and refurbishing works.

What is happening when?
The Ground Floor refurbishment work is completed.
The study space is available for use and has new furniture in place.  It is a silent study space and although drinks can be taken into the area, food is not allowed.
The shelving is for journals and theses and also, in the future, for some of the book collection.

The refurbished Main Entrance of the Library and the Service Desk have been open and operating well for the last few weeks.  The entrance to the Library has improved with the installation of the access gates (turnstiles) and most students and staff have remembered to bring their ID cards which has been great.  The gate’s software is still operating in a local mode at present but we are working hard to connect up the various software systems to personalise the access to individual cards.


The good news is that the construction work on the other half of Floor 1 of the Library is almost complete and this will provide fantastic study space for students from the end of October.  We are hoping to have the furniture into the space by 26th October.
Floor 1 of the Library will be open for study from Tuesday 30th October!
The cafe in the Library building  will also be available at the end of October – and the vending machines and water fountain.

Floor 1 nearly ready 2


nearly ready 3

Once Floor 1 is available then the next phase, Phase 4, of the refurbishment will begin.  This will involve Floor 3 of the Library.
All of Floor 3 will be closed from the end of October 2018 to the end of February 2019. 

Floor 2 will be open as usual for access to the book collection and for silent study space.  
Journals and Theses –  currently, some journals and theses have been moved to off-site storage.  If you require access to these resources, please ask at the Service Desk.

How do I get help if needed?
Ask at the Service Desk at the Edinburgh campus library or contact us by email or phone

Study spaces are available in the Learning Commons 1 and in Learning Commons 2


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